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Minutes of recent meetings

December 09, 2008

April 02, 2009

April 29, 2009


BEDA news items of interest

Community Action Planning meeting April 2

Burstall Curling Rink  2:00 - 4:00 pm

In attendance will be:

John Parker: Saskatchewan Community Futures

Shelley Kilbride: fSARM

Tanya Doucete: SARM


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Minutes of Recent Meetings

December 09/08 Meeting



PRESENT: Morris Pidlisny, Glenda Pidlisny, Debbie Nimigeers, Donnelly Grad


Glenda gave a report on tourism meeting she attended in Moose Jaw.  We are advertising in Southern Sask. Tourism Vacation Guide. 

We will advertise one half page at a cost of $971.25 due on Feb. 15th, 2009. There is money in the tourism account from monies donated.


Dave, Corey and Morris met during the week to discuss some things in progress.  They will be meeting with Dan to start composting. 

Corey starting to look at solar in end classrooms or library. 


Edge School sent an email talking about the arts academy.  Waiting for feedback.


Train Station--- no update.


Fundraiser for BEDA in conjunction with the Train Station.  Looking at possibly of having a Valentines Day supper with speakers

and fun entertainment.  Email me with your comments or ideas!!!!


Morris reported on the costs of advertising Burstall lots for sale:

Vancouver Sun and Province in both at once $120.00 for 2 weeks.

Star Phoneix- 5 days $67.00.

Edmonton Journal- 30 days  $408.00

                            14 days $250.00

Calgary Herald and Journal- 14 days $340.00

                                         7 days $175.00

Ottawa Citizen- 14 days $167.00 5 lines

                        30 days $276.00

Windsor Star- 30 days $289.00 3 lines and online

                     14 days $141.00 and online.

Table to next meeting.


Donnelly will look into the cost and availability of Rory Allen to come to Burstall.  aka Elvis Presley. 

If you go on his website he sounds like he would be a great entertainer for a fundraiser. 



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Burstall, Deer Forks and BEDA Meeting

April 2nd, 2009

In Attendance:




1. Randy Schneider    


2. Bill Albrecht


3. Norman Rubbelke


4. Doris Rubbelke


5. Glenda Pidlisny


6. John H. Parker

Community Futures

7. Morris Pidlisny

Burstall BEDA

8. Dennis Becker

Town of Burstall/ RM 232

9. Ken Hook

Mayor of Burstall

10. Doug Smith

RM 232

11. Janet Albrecht

Burstall- Mainstreeter Editor

12. Tanya Doucette


13. Shelley Kilbride



Today’s Process

  • Roundtable Introductions – Hand out sign in sheet.


  • MCDP staff Introductions and Information about program


  • Background to the meeting-
  • Shelley from MCDP was contacted by John Parker from Community Futures and invited to attend a BEDA meeting in January 2008. 
  • The group was looking at hiring a facilitator to put on a 5-day Asset Mapping workshop and MCDP had been asked to introduce our
  • program and discuss the workshops that we deliver.
  • MCDP was asked by BEDA to present four of our planning related modules to a group of Town and RM Councilors and engaged
  • community members in order to introduce asset mapping and sustainable planning concepts.
  • Shelley Kilbride and Tim Cheesman, MCDP, presented on asset mapping and managing growth at the end of February 2008. 
  • The following week, Dwight Mercer and Jarad Hermanson, MCDP, delivered an introduction to sustainable planning and put the group
  • through a SWOT analysis exercise. BEDA compiled information from each presentation and distributed to other members of the group.
  • Dwight Mercer provided BEDA with ‘Next Steps’ which included:
  • Widen the distribution of the SWOT index exercise initially conducted with group at the beginning of March 2008
  • Prioritize areas for attention
  • Consider inter municipal initiatives   
  • Following Dwight’s direction, BEDA distributed the SWOT index exercise to 141 households in the area.
  • Thirty-four (34) responses were received with no representation from businesses in the area.  The information was consolidated by BEDA. 
  • From this information and that provided through the MCDP facilitated SWOT exercise it was identified that the challenges were
  • tightly clustered around new housing development and job creation and business expansion.
  • The asset mapping project arose out of further discussions about what businesses need to expand and what people would like to see in
  • Burstall by way of new business and industry.
  • MCDP provided BEDA with an asset mapping questionnaire and proposed a process to follow in gathering the community information.
  • The grade 11 and 12’s from the Burstall High School undertook the survey project and a number of surveys were returned (Approx. 120)

     4.  The purpose of the day’s session was to provide some direction to the group on how to identify applicable information related to

community priorities and to brainstorm ways to put that information to use. 

                     EXERCISE #1

(a) Everyone grabbed a completed asset mapping questionnaire booklet where consent had been given

by respondent for the information to be used for planning and development purposes by BEDA.

(b) Everyone took a few minutes to look over the sections and to read the questions included within each. 

They were asked, as they were doing this, to think about how the information obtained through each question could be used to

enhance and/or sustain the viability of their community.

(c ) Once they had a chance to look over the questionnaire we did some brainstorming as a group.  Question by question we went through the

questionnaire and discussed

whether the question was useful for their needs and, if so, how the information obtained from each question could be used in planning

for the future of their community.

*See the attached ‘Individual Asset Bank’ for further details

5. Discussion:

The asset mapping allows you to identify skills you didn’t know people had in your community to develop programming

in your community i.e. sign language, piano teachingBEDA Update- Morris informed the group about work done to-date to

categorize, link questions and responses, and to put the information collected into a user-friendly format.   

John Parker and Morris Pidlisny had spent some time to develop a database to house the information gathered in the Individual Asset Banks. 

It is essentially a compilation of spreadsheets that would ideally allow someone accessing the information to, for example,

look under special skills in the community and identify piano teaching and flip to a list of individuals’ names and contact information

who had identified themselves as having those skills.  Doing this would allow you to identify a skill on one sheet and flip automatically

to ‘who does it’ and ‘who wants to learn it’. There would also be an option to have graphs available to show priority responses.

(3) Primary issues were raised at this point with respect to the ‘next steps’ in the asset mapping process:

  1) The group was at a ‘stalemate’ with respect to the technical aspect of putting the information into a user-friendly database.  Some difficulties around linkages and pivotals were discussed

  2) To hire someone to complete the database requires there to be someone to hire and costs money; and

  3) Not everyone from Burstall and Deer Forks had filled out a survey or had been approached to fill one out by the High School Students.

6.  Action Items:
  • MCDP to write up summary of meeting minutes and provide to the group, including the questionnaire with comments made by the group
  • Group to update survey for next year- then updated questionnaires will be collected every 6-9 months
  • Advertisement of survey in the community and importance of having it completed by everyone- Ken and Morris
  • Development of a ‘Request for Proposal’ or job description for the database development- Shelley and John
  • BEDA to search for career and employment funding to hire someone either locally or from within the province to complete the asset inventory database I.e. HRDC, Community Futures, Randy at the Credit Union J
  • BEDA to look into purchasing a subscription with survey monkey so that questionnaires could be filled out on-line and information more or less cut and paste into database
  • Mayor Ken Hook to write about the survey and its importance in his monthly article in the paper- It will be a ‘2nd Call for the information’, will include where forms will be made available, and dates and times High School students will be going door-to-door to have them filled out.
  • Whole group to promote the project and its importance
  • Library to keep copies of the questionnaire to fill out- Janet, Chairman of the Library Board.
  • Community Futures to provide $500.00 of funding, if nothing else can be obtained, to hire someone to complete the asset inventory database.
  • Bill Albrecht to post BEDA letters, SWOT results etc. on the BEDA website and provide everyone with the link.
  • Morris to send Shelley and/or Tanya the BEDA, Burstall and Deer Forks logos and a write up on the group and work to-date on asset mapping to post on the MCDP website.
  • After this, MCDP can assist the group in using the information to plan programs etc. in the community. I.e. Short-term Planning exercise.
  • Get started!!!!!! Report back to entire group!!!!! Meet regularly!!!!! Keep lines of communication open!!!!

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PRESENT:  Morris Pidlisny, Bill Albrecht, Shelley Bassendowski, Norm and Doris Rubbelke, Susan Pidlisny, Don and Laurene Grimm,

Rita Lippert, Daryl and Pam Fitterer, Harold Jansma, Donnelly Grad  



--  Pam and Daryl Fitterer expressed their ideas and passion for the train station.  They stated that Burstall is a beautiful community, needs a core attraction. 

They would like to purchase the train station and restore the station into a tea, antique house. A property of land is needed for the train station. 

The Heritage Committee has sent a letter to the Great Sandhills Railway for property along the tracks. 

The Heritage Committee has not heard from the Town of Burstall on their progress on property.  The Friendship Center members have

expressed that they are in support of restoring the Train Station.

-Norm Rubbelke made a motion that BEDA and the Heritage Committee accept and work with Daryl and Pam Fitterer on their

adventure in preserving the Train Station into a Tea and Antique House etc. used for their business and that the Train Station

will remain property of Town fo Burstall.  Bill Albrecht seconded.  Carried .

-Tourism update.  Great Sandhills Tourism has asked for monies to help construct a sign in Burstall. 

Tabled for next meeting to see how much money we still have for tourism.

-Green School: Haven't heard anything from the committee.

 -Advertising Burstall lots for sale in various papers:  Morris will advertise on

 -Don Grimm reported on the Town sign: need to get the necessary material to complete the sign posts and area around the sign; gravel, lighting etc.

 --Asset mapping is work in progress.  Bill Albrecht has transferred information to the Burstall website on the BEDA page.

 -Talked about fundraising for BEDA.  We are still interested in bringing Rory Allen to Burstall.  Donnelly will email Rory for early spring dates in 2010.


-New Chairperson:  Morris has agreed to stay on as chairperson.  Thanks Morris

 -Donnelly will talk to Daryl and Pam about putting a mailout into everyones mail to circulate their interest in the Train Station and also talk to them about fundraisers.


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